Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 Getting Freeze

I have samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003 which is getting freeze very frequently.  What i observed is mainly in 95% times whenever the screen lock  activate, it goes freeze

I tried with samsung kies on fresh new pc but its not showing any current firmware. however when i run the command *#1234# the following version shows in phone

Phone : I9003XXKB1
CSC : unkown

Build info : Fri Feb 4 13:12:25 KST 2011

I have to remove battery to get it restarted.

Please advice

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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any further luck? If you able to do a factory restore and still get this problem, swap out the SIM card and/or any MicroSD card. If you can fix it that way, great. Otherwise, like I said, very likely to be a hardware fault.

I have to say, 85-90% of the time when I see something like this, it's related to apps. My suggestion is to take a look at all the apps you have installed. Uninstall any apps that you don't use (at least that you can, there may be some from your service provider that are locked down). Examine the ones that are left, and see which run processes continuously - in other words, if you use a game app, those typically shut down when you close the game, but if you run a custom SMS app, it has to run all the time to process incoming SMS messages. I would bet that it's one of those, and if you can isolate it, you can remove the one app causing the problem, and maybe even find an app to replace the function but that doesn't lock up your phone.


(p.s. Here's how to uninstall apps:
nitinkrjainAuthor Commented:
HI LHerrou

I have done the Factory restore but still same issue is coming.

PLz suggest

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Just a thought, but have you tried disabling screen lock?

Go to System Settings and then to Security & Screen Lock.
(on older versions of Android you may just be called Security and then you have to select the option for Screen Security).
It will be set to your current security setting...
Select the option of None, and return to your home screen.

Let the screen time out (go black) and see if the freezes are better.
nitinkrjainAuthor Commented:

I have extended the time of screen timeout to max (10 min), When display is on the phone is working fine but as soon it goes black system get freeze!

how to resolve the issue?

Plz advise

If you are still having the same issue after a factory restore, I suspect a hardware fault. Is it still under warranty?
nitinkrjainAuthor Commented:
NO warranty is not there:(
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