Blackberry on SBS2008

Hi experts

Looking for some advice/info around Blackberry integration with SBS2008.

I have picked up a client who has a SBS2008 server. They currently don't have any users accessing email etc from a mobile device, although they do have OWA & RWW setup & configured for remote access.

They now have a user who'd like to trial a blackberry device & sync it with their exchange account.

The telephone rep that manages their account has advised them they need to install BES enterprise on the SBS server to be able to sync to the device.

My knowledge of BES is limited, so i guess i'm looking for basic guidance on the interaction/compatibility of BES with SBS2008.
Do i need to install it on the SBS box, or can/should it be installed on a dedicated client/server?
Do i actually need BES or can it work with active sync? etc.

Thanks in advance.
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Mike SullivanConnect With a Mentor DirectorCommented:
Hi cuadmin,

On the handheld, go into the Setup icon and choose Email Accounts. Select Internet Mail Account > Other

Enter the email address and the password that the user uses for Windows logon.

If the mail automatically sets up, great. If not you'll need to add further details including the OWA external address and the username.


Mike SullivanDirectorCommented:
Hi cuadmin,

You can either access the email through BlackBerry using the BIS service and OWA or you can configure a BES installation on the SBS. It rather depends on what you want to achieve. The first solution will give you emails only. The second solution will give you full integration with email, calendar and contacts. The first solution requires very little configuration, the second solution requires a lot of planning and configuration.

For info: BES Express is a free download and doesn't require licenses so the only cost to install it is implementation time. It is designed to sit on an SBS provided you aren't planning on deploying to more than 75 users. The server does have a hardware overhead to consider, though.

If you want to have a go at installing BES, let me know and I'll point you to the most useful resources to get it installed with a minimum of fuss.


cuadminAuthor Commented:
Hi Mike

Thanks for the quick response.

I'll need to talk to the client further about their needs, however they only have approx 20 staff in total, so BES express should suffice, although the rep i spoke with said i'd have to install the enterprise version. ( i don't believe he's a blackberry specialist, more a data/phone reseller).

If they're only after email, then syncing via OWA sounds like the best approach, particularly as they are only really trialling it's usage.

I'll post back when i know a bit more.
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David AtkinConnect With a Mentor Technical DirectorCommented:
The rep is wrong and Mike is correct.  The BES Express edition should be all you need. Its likely that they would try and sell you the BES Enterprise package for the handset. This is more expensive.  If you are going to deploy BES Express then make sure that the mobile provider gives your the BES/BIS package and not the BES Enterprise one.

If they just want email then I would suggest the BIS like Mike explained earlier.  I would only install BES Express if they wanted to do more and had more than 5 users.

Might be worth checking when their mobile contracts expire.  The last thing you want is to install BES Express and then a month later they all upgrade to iPhones...
Tony GiangrecoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have two clients with Besz and exchange 2003 & 2007. To keep the exchange servers running smooth, in both cases, I installed BESZ on a stand alone Win 2003 old member server that was dedicated to BESZ. One client just went to iPhones so I uninstalled BESZ for them. The other one still uses it.

I don't recommend installing it on an SBS box alongside Exchange.
cuadminAuthor Commented:
The client has advised to go with accessing only email on the Blackberry device, so no contacts or calendars.

Does this mean i just need to configure server's owa address in the device?

Sorry if i'm a bit naive, but first time for me, so any links or info you can give me, i'm happy to do the reading.

Thanks for your help so far.
Tony GiangrecoCommented:
Here is a link to the Blackberry installation docs
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
That link is for the express installation.  You don't want the Express installation for just email.  You just want BIS.

Look here:
cuadminAuthor Commented:
Now i'm a little lost ;(

If i want to use the address of, what exactly do i need to do?

cuadminAuthor Commented:
oops, sorry Mike, cross over of posts.

This is the info i was looking for, thanks heaps.
cuadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help.
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