New USB device will not install

Have a new USB check scanner device that will not install properly on a Win 7 Pro desktop unit.  checked with the vendor and tried re-installing the software and drivers but the USB device shows up in device manager with an error cannot install drivers.

The desktop unit has a USB HP printer and USB mouse.

Worked with vendor and cannot install the drivers.  Tried the USB unit on all USB ports and same issue.

Installed the USB check scanner on a laptop running Win 7 Ult and it installed fine.  No issues.

Any ideas what to check?
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here a list of things to try :
-from Device manager scan for new hardware
-in device manager>view tab, click "show hidden devices" and delete all usb entries and hidden devices,  reboot and test
-then you can download the latest drivers for the chipset, and reinstall it to update the USB root hubs
-start>run>diskmgmt.msc      check if the usb devices show up in disk management, then run :   start>run>services.msc
In the listing look for removable storage service.
If it is set to Auto, and not started, then start it : click the Start link in the top left...
-In c:\windows\inf, look for usbstor.inf    -  If it is not there, you can copy it from another PC..When you find it, right click it and select Install

***instead of view hidden devices, try:
Right click Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings at the left side > 
in the Advanced tab select Environment Variables >
 in System Variables click New and enter:  "devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices" without the parenthesis - enter 1 for the Value.
Click Ok and Exit.
Now delete all devices in device manager  that are not in solid black
Reboot and test
i also found Safely Remove very handy  :
Is the OS 32 or 64bit version?
mrmlondonAuthor Commented:
64 bit on both the desktop and laptop
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Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
Are the drivers 32 or 64 bit?  If they are 32-bit there's a chance that they won't work on a 64-bit system.

Try it on a 32-bit system if you have one and see how it goes.  If it works ask the vendor for 64-bit drivers.

If they don't provide them then  you'll need to use it in a 32-bit environment.
mrmlondonAuthor Commented:
The device worked on a 64 bit Win 7 laptop.  Will not work on the Win 7 64 bit desktop.
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerCommented:
Sorry missed that part.
Have you tried all available USB ports or just one?  When first plugged in did the "found new hardware" balloon pop up?  At what point did you attempt to install the driver - before plugging the device in or during hardware detection?  Are you installing from CD or a downloadable file from the vendor?  If you can answer these questions if will help us sort this out.
mrmlondonAuthor Commented:
Have tried all available USB ports.  Desktop has a USB mouse and a USB printer attached.  Swapped the all around and still have the issue.

Per vendor instructions using downloaded installation app that is suppose to install the drivers.  After installation is completed instructed to then plug in USB device.  The pop up balloon "found new hardware" appears.  Next a balloon pop up error stating driver did not install.  Device shows up in device manager as unknown device with no driver loaded.
Ok, the device is being detected.  Can you try booting the computer in safe mode and then try plugging in the device.
You may want to try using a powered USB hub in case there is an issue in the power delivery on the desktops USB ports.
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