Rebuild RAID5 array with Intel RST

I have a server with a RAID 5 array; there are six drives within the array. One of the disks failed so I replaced it. Now I cannot seem to figure out how to add the new drive back into the array. All I have done to this point is take the bad drive out and put the new one in. I am not seeing a rebuild anywhere as indicated in the user guide. Please see referenced picture.

The new drive is appearing outside of the array.
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Schuyler DorseyAsked:
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Usually you'd have to check the manual of your server and it's RAID controller for details on how to replace a bad disk.

Most servers have hot-pluggable drive caddies, and for those you normally just pull the bad drive out while the server is running, then shove in the new drive, and as long as the drive's capacity is large enough, and if it has no partitions on it, the RAID should automatically start rebuilding. If you shut down the server before replacing the drive, or if the new disk had any partition info on it already, then the resync will usually not start automatically. With many RAID controllers you would then use the RAID configuration utility and set the new disk as a hot spare. After that the rebuild should begin. But this depends on the controller.
normally when you take a drive out and put a new drive its irrelevant if there is anything on it. It will start to rebuild the array is that not happening?

Or if you have a hot spare the new drive become the hot spare. As the hot spare became part of the array when the drive failed that's what a hot spare does.
Schuyler DorseyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments but neither of these worked. I have also followed the Intel RST user guide and Help section but neither seemed to be correct as indicated in my original post.
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Exactly what did you do? Are your disks in the server with hot-swap caddy? Did you replace the bad disk with a good, enterprise class disk of the right size? Do you have a link to the raid controller's manual?
Schuyler DorseyAuthor Commented:
Yes the server has a hot swap caddy. I replaced the disk with the exact same disk essentially. It was a WD enterprise class disk that was covered under warranty so the replacement went into the server. Same model of drive and size.

It appears this user on their forums had the exact same issue with no answer posted

User guide:

For now, I just took the hit and recreated the array (lost data but nothing majorly important was stored on that array). But I am trying to figure out how to handle this in the future before anything important is stored on the disk.
Normally you just replace the bad disk with the new one without shutting the server down. If the disk is virgin and doesn't have a partition table on it, it should just rebuild. If it isn't completely virgin, and it won't rebuild automatically, the next action would be to assign it as a hot spare. It should then start rebuilding.

Often it will also help if you update the controller's firmware regularly, as some versions might have issues that are resolved with the updates.
Schuyler DorseyAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Unfortunately we tried those options. This is the first time I have used Intel RST; even their older Intel Matrix Storage stuff was easier than this. Most of my experience is with Dell Perc cards storage in SANs where everything is close to automatic.

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Schuyler DorseyAuthor Commented:
Had to manually rebuild.
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