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Is it possible in Outlook 2007 to sort an inbox by if the message was replied to?
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Joseph MoodyBlogger and wearer of all hats.Asked:
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Rajitha ChimmaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no such default view in Outlook. Instead you can make use of flags and categories to trace which emails have been replied or worked on. Again, all this has to be done manually.

Or you can create a rule to copy each email to a separate folder and when you are done replying to that email you can move that email out of that folder.
tjc123IT DirectorCommented:
I think you can sort your inbox by the icon which will group all the replies, unread, etc. for you.
Joseph MoodyBlogger and wearer of all hats.Author Commented:
I tried that and it will sort icons for Mail, Reminders, etc. Just not the specific mail icons - reply, forward, etc.
Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
Joseph MoodyBlogger and wearer of all hats.Author Commented:
Although this isn't a perfect solution (due to Microsoft), I think we can make this work.

Thank you!
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