Search in Archive Mailbox is not working in Outlook

Hi All,

I have enabled the Archiving for my mailbox but when I try to search Archive mailbox in Outlook it doesn't find anything.  If I try the search in OWA it works just fine.

I re-built the archive database and it worked for 1 day.  Then re-built the 2nd time with no luck.

We have Exchange 2010 sp3 with the latest rollups.

Any suggestions?
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Rajitha ChimmaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you rebuilt the index on mailbox database? Below link may help you
Rajitha ChimmaniCommented:
If it works fine in OWA then there is no problem with the database on server. You must consider checking the Outlook indexing. Check if archive mailbox is included in indexing files or try to rebuild the index in Outlook.
annayegAuthor Commented:
But archive mailbox in online mode, I thought it doesn't use the Outlook indexing?
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