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Mysql data export - import issue

I have two Linux servers.  Both are running mysql. Server 1 had mysql v.5.0.77,  Server 2 has mysql v.5.524.
I'm trying to dump a Wordpress database from server 2 and import it into server 1.
I used mysqlhotcopy on Server 2 and it seemed to export fine. I moved the database files over to Server 1 then restarted Server 1.
The database on Server 1 seemed ok at first but then I noticed some tables were blank that should have been populated.
One table in particular was table called "Profile".
I went into /var/lib/mysql and found the table file profiles.frm, but that was the only file. I thought there should also be a profiles.MYD and profiles.MYI.

Anyway, it appears as though mysqlhotcopy did not move all of the data across accurately. I'm thinking it's because the mysql versions are different.
I can't easily update the mysql version on Server 1, so I'm wondering what might be a better way to get my data moved across?
1 Solution
nachtmskAuthor Commented:
I found the problem.
The tables that didn't move across correctly using mysqlhotcopy were all InnoDB tables. The tables that did move across correctly were MyISAM tables. I used a third party tool to connect to the database on Server 2 and dump the SQL of those InnoDB tables, then import on Server 1.
Odd though, I wonder why the InnoDB tables didn't move across correctly. Any suggestions?
Does the mysql 5.5 have innodb builtin and and enabled?
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
You might want to also look at a 3 rd party tool  for importing and exporting WordPress databases as there can be name conflicts
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Steve BinkCommented:
From the manual, emphasis added:

mysqlhotcopy is a Perl script that was originally written and contributed by Tim Bunce. It uses FLUSH TABLES, LOCK TABLES, and cp or scp to make a database backup. It is a fast way to make a backup of the database or single tables, but it can be run only on the same machine where the database directories are located. mysqlhotcopy works only for backing up MyISAM and ARCHIVE tables. It runs on Unix and NetWare.
Along the lines above, if you are knowledgable with perl, you could create a script that will perform the copy.
nachtmskAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments everyone. I wound up using Navicat to move the databases across and it worked perfectly.
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