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I have a simple report to print out with customer information. A field in the table is a checked field as well. Question is what is the simplest way to print the report with only the checked field checked to YES.
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Data DudeCommented:
(1)  Eyeball the table or query that's in the report's Record Source property.
(2)  Create a new query that goes like this...

SELECT * FROM {the table or query in (1)} WHERE some_field = True

(3)  Figure out if you want (2) to replace your report, or if you want to create a new report with (2) as it's Record Source, so you have both.
PawloAAuthor Commented:
what if there are multiple tables in the customer information and customer pricing where the relation is the customer ID and a field in the customer id is the check.?
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Data DudeCommented:
>and a field in the customer id is the check.?
Please provide more details and an example of what you mean here.

I interpreted 'check' as a Yes/No field, where when presented as a checkbox on a form Yes is checked, and No is not checked.
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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
Generally, I design all my reports to report all of the data, then I use the WHERE argument in the OpenReport method to limit which records actually are displayed in the report.  That would look like:

Private Sub cmd_Report_Selected

    'Generates report for only those records that are "selected"

    Docmd.OpenReport "rpt_ReportName",acViewPreview,,"[FieldName] = -1"

End Sub
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<No Points wanted>

To be more in line with Yes/No...
You can also use fyed's syntax like this:

Docmd.OpenReport "rpt_ReportName",acViewPreview,,"[FieldName] = TRUE"

In this way it becomes more "human-readable"...
TRUE=Yes=[Anything other than 0]

No real relevance here, only that people often wonder why -1=Yes in MS Access


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PawloAAuthor Commented:
I often wonder the same thing on -1=Yes
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<I often wonder the same thing on -1=Yes >
Yeeh, ... in SQL Server it is 1=True

This is why I listed the syntax as:
    TRUE=Yes=[Anything other than 0]
..So here even values like 14, -2.34, .057, ...etc
(basically anything other than Zero)
...will all evaluate to TRUE...

Only Zero (0) will evaluate to false...

But again, no points wanted for any of my posts here...

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
As I stated, I really did not want any points...
Besides, I have learned a great deal from Jim and fyed.
...all I did was provide some background info... always, you have the option of changing the points allocation...


Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Data DudeCommented:
Note to self:  Use Jeff's line <No Points wanted> to increase points.  

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