Windows 8 Backup

Hello, I have a windows 8 machine that when I try to set up the windows backup, when I get to the part of where do you want to back up to... it doesn't give me the option to save to a network, but it shows up on other machines in the office... I have looked threw all the settings with out any luck ... any suggestions??
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Deerek11Author Commented:
I tried to setup the file history it works great but it doesn't allow me to choose any other folders to backup, from what I could find in the settings it only backups the users data folders I have a applications that has to reside on the root of c: and it contains data that needs to be part of the backup
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
So do you have two questions here?

1. How do I backup windows 8 to a network share

2. Cannot select folders for backup

I found this one also

For the applications that reside in the root of C, can you place the data files in a folder under the user data tree?

Many applications allow you to change file location.
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Why not use the command line?
wbadmin start backup -allCritical -backupTarget:\\server\share -vssfull
" I have a applications that has to reside on the root of c: and it contains data that needs to be part of the backup "

Within Windows 8. You can not create full system images, nor can you back up everything on your hard drive.
You can only back up files in your libraries, on your desktop, your contacts, and your browser favorites.

How Windows 8's Backup System Differs From Windows 7's
MIchael, did you try that command line? I think it's suitable.
Deerek11Author Commented:
my problem is any of those backups process's I run into one of tow problems if I do the file history backup process I can access my network to get to my backup drive but I can't choose files outside of my user folder I need to backup a folder on the root.... and if I use the windows 8 backup it allows me to choose the c drive or any folders of my choice but it doesn't allow me to choose my network drive... so I still cant backup my folder that on the root to the network drive
Why not use my command?
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