Cisco ASA 5510 Clientless VPN from guest interface to inside interface

I have the clientless VPN setup and working from the outside interface to my inside interface.  I have an additional interface called guest.  How do I configure the device so someone connected via the guest interface can use the clientless VPN to access the inside interface?

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ArneLoviusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are they trying to connect via a hostname that resolves to the outside interface ?

If this is the case, presuming that the interface name is guest, add in global config, the line

alias (guest) <guest> <out>

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where <guest> is the guest interface IPv4 address and <out> is the outside interface IPv4 address, so the end result looks like

alias (guest)

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Just enable it on the Guest interface.
Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
Enter the following commands

conf t
enable Guest
jmichael18Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice but webvpn is already enabled on guest.
Marius GunnerudSenior Systems EngineerCommented:
could you please post a sanitized config of the ASA.
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