Office 365: can save locally like before? All family members need to share 1 ID?

Sorry, I'm still confused about Office 365 for home (5 users).

1. Can I continue to save documents locally, in my designated drop box folder so I don't need to be bothered with the MS cloud?


2. Do all 5 pc's need to sign in with the same microsoft id?  For a family where the adult children don't live at home, if they share dad's 5-pack, how would that complicate their lives?  Would they not be able to skype as them, for example?  

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webtechgalConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Thanks for the citation!

The way I get how the identity for the subscription works is through the devices it is installed on, not how many people access it. You can activate and deactivate machines (if a machine dies or somebody gets a new one).

It does take just that one time to do an install. And it takes more than a few minutes to do it. On a quad core laptop on wireless, it took approx 25 minutes to install it. If you can't remote into their machine, you may have to give them your account - you can always change your password. :)

For you, I think the upside is that you can use Office on Demand and not even be at one of your installed devices. I used Office on Demand on a tablet and had not installed it on the tablet. However, for someone else to use your subscription, they have to be at an "installed device".
office on demand apps
I do like what I am seeing so far, though. I thought I would have to get a Windows 8 device to run MS Office apps on table and phone and here I can do it through Office 365 Home edition. I am going to be loading it on five devices. I am doing the trial, but bought a year subscription.

NewEgg is doing 10% off  MS Office 365 Home Premium with this code BTEXVXP22, until 2/12 (you have to have a registered account with them to use the code).

Might I suggest that the 30 day trial would be a good way to "kick the tires"?

You do have to give a credit card, but you can cancel anytime in the 30 days.
webtechgalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you can save locally. While MS is pushing the Skydrive feature with 20Gb of space, you can save to Skydrive in the cloud, Skydrive folder on your machine and Computer (your local harddrive. You can also add a place (network drive?).
office 365 save as picSee also -

No, on using the same ID. You as the owner install using your ID, on up to 5 different devices. You can have MULTIPLE USERS on that PC and multiple users on the other 4 devices who each sign in with their own Microsoft ID. (So they each have to sign up for an account.)  Once you install to the device, they can access their stuff in their account on that device.

See this very short video for how to -

Hope this is helpful!
mike2401Author Commented:
Thanks  webtechgal.  That was helpful, and I cited you in my other thread at:

Based on that, it sounds like the main 'hassle' would be I would need to log into each of the 5 pc's as me, or give my credentials to the kids and let them do it.  

Any other downsides of a 5-pack subscription for a family of adult children who don't all live at home?

mike2401Author Commented:
webtechgal: really awesome answer!  Thank you!

mike2401Author Commented:
Totally awesome answer!

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