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USB unsufficient power error message

hi experts,

 I have a dell optiplex 380 and I have a usb mouse and keyboard attached to it. I also have a camera that used to work fine but lately i've been getting a message when I plug it in about unsufficient usb power??  What can be causing this?
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I've seen motherboards supply weak power.    

A hub is a great recommendation,  but that Belkin hub is rated pretty weak.     I have 3 of these and they have been excellent,

Read the reviews on this 10 port.   I went through quite a few hubs to find this gem.

Another option would be to add a slotted card.   If the motherboard is sending weak power to the USB ports then even a hub might not get enough power to function properly.   Something like this might give you some solid USB ports to plug a hub into.
your model has only a 250 W power supply.
if you have connected more devices, or it's output loweredd with aging, you may need to replace it with a 300 W at least !
From the information above, your trying to use more power than your system has avaulable. Replace your power supply or see if your camera has an AC Adaptor that can be used.
it may also be a camera problem - does it work ok on another PC?
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frank, what was the problem or solution now?