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SQL Query syntax

UserID      StudentName      Result
1               John S      P
1               John S      F
2              Jane M      F
3             Jack R      P

Table A (See above)

I need to only select one row per UserID. If there are 2 records and the Result is P for one and F for another, I need to only pick the F by default. That is as long as a F Result exists for a UserID, I need to pick that ignoring the P record (if there are 2 or more records for a userID)
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Kyle Abrahams, PMP
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Select 1 userid, 'A' sn, 'P' r into #temp

insert into #temp
select 1, 'A', 'F'
select 2, 'B', 'F'
select 3, 'C', 'P'

select userid, sn, MIN(r) as r
from #temp
group by userid, sn

drop table #temp

Just update the bold part to reflect your table and columns.
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Patrick Matthews
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