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Fan Runs Lights On After replacing dc power connector on board

 After replacing a faulty jack on my motherboard, with no power button board reconnected or hard drives etc, I plugged it in the board to the mains  via its charger and the lights come on and fan is turning as if it were booting, but without me pushing the power button which is not connected yet. Is the normal. I would have expected to see the power light on but not for the fan to be turning. The laptop is a Packard bell tj65.
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Are you sure you didn't accidently switch some wires?

It shouldn't just turn on like that.  If the wires are correct I'd check the on/off switch or swap out the power supply to make sure it isn't that.
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Could there be a short in the pins soldered onto the mb on the dc jack
That is a possibility.  You might want to get a magnifying glass to get a better look.

What exactly did you replace?  I assumed it was a jack that plugged onto the MB.
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Yes the dc jack on the motherboard
Oh,  I thought it was the plug that went INTO the jack.  Yes, definitly look for any solder that's where it shouldn't be.
did the board come on like that before?
then it can be something else
look also if the switch is not shorted (or measure the switch )
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Hi Nobus.
The power switch board (at the moment) is not connected to the motherboard so there is no switch in the circuit. The only thing on the board is the processor and its fan (which spins for about 5 seconds when power adapter is plugged in). After 5 seconds the board appears to shut down, probably because there is no ram or hdd connected.
As for the board coming on before, when stripped down, I don't know if it does as i never had the board disassembled with power on it. I disassembled it with power off in order to remove the faulty dc jack on the board.
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