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Windows Server drops DNS registration

We are seeing an odd issue on one of our Windows Server 2008 cluster boxes.  One of the nodes is experiencing issues such that it is dynamically updating DNS to remove the A record for the server.  When this occurs, the node failovers.  The temporary fix has just been to access the server via its static IP and renew DNS client registration.  

We have setup traces to help determine root cause of the DNS issue and do not feel we should balance resources across both nodes until we can identify the root cause and prevent that issue.  Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
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John Gates, CISSP, CDPSE
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Ok are there any log files you can share from the client and the dns server?  Have you been able to pin down a consistent time?  I want to help you but there is not enough information to go on.  I netdiag from the system before and after this occurs would be helpful in solving this also.

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Is this the DNS name for the server, a DNS name of a clustered resource, or something else?  Does the other server in the cluster have the same problem, or just this one?
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The highlighted checkbox is checked in the advanced configuration of the NIC.  In answer to the question by eeRoot, this is the DSN name of the server, which is part of a two node cluster.  The other server on the cluster is not experiencing this issue.  I would rather not manually create a static A record to work around this issue.  Our networking team has confirmed that the deletion is being triggered by the server.