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I have HP SAN P2000 and it seems the SNMP service is crashed because Nagios can't contact the SAN.

When i logged in to the SAN web interface, everything is green. No error.

Has anyone know how to restart the SNMP service without restarting the SAN? or has anyone know what might caused the problem or do a deeper test?

I have little experience with SNMP. I did try to download SNMP tester, but no go (cant connect)

It was working over one year and it has stopped working suddenly. No changes has been made in the network that i'm aware of.

Thank you
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Gajendra Rathod
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Please install Nagios plugin Check HP MSA P2000

Please contact HP technical support for latest firmware update of storage.
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Restarting management controller does fix the problem and does not affect the storage :)

Thank you
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Pontus F

The link does not work anymore. Anyone know what document/page it was referring to?
The Nagios link still works and the HP link works if you click on "Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center" half way down the page to pass the URL through to HPE's website. (it was just a link to the "restart MC both" command)