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Problem viewing entries in Exchange 2003 Offline Address Book.

I have an Exchange 2003 server with around 50 users. They all use Outlook in cached Exchange mode although they are primarily desktop users. The problem is that some of their colleagues do not show up in the Offline Address Book. I know this is a common problem but it is normally resolved (in my experience) by either forcing Outlook to download the OAB again or deleting the OAB files in the User Profile as they can get corrupted. Problem is that this time the problem is not going away by doing this. Whatever we do the four users do not show up. even taking of the 'cached mode' option doesn't make them show. The following is true for this:-

1) Even when not in cached Exchange mode (when Outlook would not use and Offline Address Book) the GAL is still not showing the four users.
2) When in cached mode and I delete the OAB files and download them again, they still don't show.
3) In cached mode there is a registry key that can be used to force Outlook 2007 to do a look-up against the server rather than the OAB but it does not exist on the PCs, although it should. (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Cached Mode does not exist)
4) I can see that the GAL is correct because when I preview it on the server the Users are on it.
5) I have compared the user accounts of the four staff whose names are missing and I can not see anything different about them.
6) They all show up on the 'All Users' list.
7) If I turn on full logging for ExchangeSA > OABgenerator the logs show no errors when I rebuild the OAB.

Has any one any ideas on what is going on here and how to fix it. I have created a new OAB and added the GAL to it but i am not sure how to make it the default. I have also used OABInteg and resolved any errors it flags. Any ideas?
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Hope the "Hide from GAL isnt checked" for these users ?
If still doesnt i would say lets take a Dump of a good and affected user and compare them

- Rancy
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Are you saying that the accounts in question do appear in the GAL and that the accounts are not appearing in the OAB? This would suggest that potentially the OAB is not being rebuilt and or not being distributed.

Problems with the OAB commonly point to a problem with Active Directory, it might not be but out of interest how many Global Catalogue Servers do you have in your domain?


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MC - There are two GCs in the domain.

Rancy - Is there a particular tool I would use to output the AD User data?

To output all user attributes i guess you can use LDP tool

- Rancy
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