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Word 2010 Document Corrupt Header/TOC information

Hello experts, I have a word file that appears to have been corrupted.  We were working on it through SharePoint and at some point the style information seems to have been corrupted.  When you use the style inspector and click on a location in the text it will say the correct information. For example a level 2 heading will look and appear as a level 2 heading in the text and have the correct style attached.  However, when you use the navigation pane or create a table of contents nothing is indented as it should be (level 2 is not subordinate to level 1).  I have read that there are table of contents styles in Word but I don't know how to change these.  Does anyone know if this would fix the issue?  

I tried manually to 'reset' a few styles (highlight text and reclick 'level 2 header' ) which fixed the issue in that instance.  However, this is a long document (150 pages) and I wouldn't want to do this for the whole document.  

If anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated,
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