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Postfix will not deliver queued mail to user mailboxes

Exchange is more my arena... I have an Ubuntu mail server running the latest iRedMail. An upgrade gone wrong to the latest version. Mail is being received and queue for delivery by Postfix. Dovecot can access the MySQL backend and see tables and data. Roundcube webmail can access the databases and emails and I can send email from Roundcube and it is received outside of the server.

The emails are just accumulating in the queue in Postfix and will not deliver to the recipients. I am sure with all that IS working that it is something small... but I have no idea where to look from here. So far no response from the iRedMail guys so I am looking for some EE help to be faster.
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Which queue is it stuck in.
do you have pfqueue installed?

I've seen setups where incoming mail is placed in the hold queue for the antivirus program to grab and process.  Of course with this setup, if the antivirus is not running, then the mail all sits in the hold queue

press ? inside pfqueue for help (1,2,3,4 keys for each queue)
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I have not seen pfqueue in the list of processes.... this is Ubuntu server...not sure where I would be pressing ? if it were there. Everything is CLI or Webmin.
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pfqueue is a package you install that gives you a CLI command "pfqueue"
Fixed myself