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Multiple signatures in Outlook/Exchange 2010

I have a customer that has an Exchange 2010 server. They have 3 email domains on it, but all the mail is delivered to one mailbox, and all the users access that one mailbox. For instance, they have 3 email addresses:, and
All the mail gets dumped into one mailbox.
They want to be able to have a different signature when sending out through those mail addresses, so that the domain name is referenced at the bottom of the email.

Is there a way to do this, so that the correct signature is put at the bottom of the email when they select a domain?

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You can achieve this with a customizable Disclaimer as the email footer. There are a number of VBS scripts, but I would recommend the following software:

I have used it before and you can setup a "per rule template" to make this work, e.g. when a user sends from a certain email address, append this and that information. It has a ton of placeholders and wildcards to customize your templates with.

It integrates into Exchange.
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