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Share file/directory from Host server to Guest server

Hello Experts,

i am using oracle virtual box. i have to copy software binaries from host to multiple guests.
i had a hard time to share file/direcotry on Host server to Guest server. here is my configuration.

Host server is running on OEL6 Update 2
file need to shared : /u01

GUest server  is running on  OEL5 Update 7.

i have created software directory under /u01/software on host server. once directory is created, i have add this share information on Guest server.
after starting the GUest server, i have installed virutal box additionals on guest server.

when i ran, install to build share folder support modules, my guest server is rebooting and it is not comming up.

what is the best and alternative way to share a folder/file system from host to multiple guests.
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Very good Solutions .

Thank you so much for helping me