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Slow Server 2003 following network problems

In my infinite wisdom I decided to install LogMeIn Hamachi on a production Server 2003 DC. The DC has one active wired network connection and the LogMeIn software bound the Hamachi software to this, breaking it's connection to the rest of the domain. I have now removed the offending software but unfortunately I appear to have left some damage...

The Server is running incredibly slowly. Accessing the server directly is fine, but RDP, file shares and the loading of roaming profiles are all taking a really long time. dcdiag /q shows a number of errors concerning SYSVOL replication and the error log shows several sql errors along with a few 4004 errors concerning DNS enumeration.

I'm more than a little lost with this issue and would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
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No luck with that solution but thank you! I have had to disable the firewall on the connection to get any connectivity so I wonder if that is anything to do with the problem?
Shoot.  I was hoping it would be easy.  Try deleting the network port and lettign it reinstall.  Maybe that will give you a clean connection.

I don't kwow about the firewall but as you know you don't want to leave that off for very long.

Also uninstall and delete the network driver then reinstall them with the latest.  Maybe that will clear something out.
Bingo! In the end, completely reset our netgear switch - so a similar solution to your first suggestion. I always fear the worst when something goes wrong with a DC, glad it was a "simple" hardware issue. Thank you for you help.
The suggested solution led to the eventual fix.
Glad to be of assistance.