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BlackBerry Synk Issue

Sorry team I have reposted this as now my user has come back to say its still not working.

Server 2008
Blackberry Enterprise Server Express
Software Version:- 5.0.4

Device:- BlackBerry Curve 9300

The new BES is running like a dream and the users are all sync'd baa one.

I have a user who has reported that her mailbox is up to date with no new e-mails.

however the blackberry is saying she has 44 new messages.

I have erased the phone several times,
I have recreated the BES profile
Swapped phone

I send a message to email, within seconds its in her inbox.
She opens the email it takes anywhere from a second to a minuite to register on the blackberry.

I have looked at the 44 messages on the BlackBerry and noticed that all of them are actualy deleted on the Outlook, I think she Shift and Deletes which does not put them into the trash.

I sent her and email she read and deleted and it reconsiled with the blackberry.

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O you think so yer? I am about to implement a "Good" server, last time I supported Android and iPhone we trialed a DME software and it was good. I could tick a box and BAM the account was gone, but the user compailned that the battery life was halfed.

Dont like Active Stink!