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migrate data (shared drive) to a new server

I am migrating data from a machine running Server 2003 to a new server that is running Server 2008 and set-up in a RAID. What is the best way to transfer the files and maintain all the securitites and share properties of the files?
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I agree, Robocopy is a great utility. We use it on a a 2008 server and it works without a problem. It's a free Microsoft utility and is installed with the O/S so there's nothing to download.
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Why do you prefer the syntax?
Likely just that I have been using it for years, and oddly I find some of the GUI configurations confusing, again probably because I don't use it, but both are equally dependable.
Well I was not having any luck with the GUI so I think I will try the syntax. As previously mentioned, I have set-up a new server and am migrating all of the data from the older server to the new. I would like to keep all the shares and security settings (it is the same domain) and also date modified (I use that a lot). Outside of that I am not sure what other attributes I should or should not transfer or other settings I may or may not want to include. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Is it better to move instead of copy? Since I will be decommisioning the older server I don't really need to keep the data on the machine (I will be wiping the drives anyway), I just don't want to have to use a backup to restore and failed moves. Also, there are many nested sub-directories and there may be some really long file locations and file names. Please see my syntax below and let me know what you think. As far as logging goes, I want to be able to find any files that didn't transfer. Note that z: is a mapped network drive and D;\ is the local RAID drive.

robocopy z:\ D:\  /dcopy:T /copyall /mt8 /r:10 /eta /log+C:\gis_transfer
To confirm, it was a true migration with the new server being added to the old domain, not a clean install with the same domain name?  the latter will not work.

Microsoft's recommended format for migrating data is to run robycopy from an elevated command on the destination server with:
Robocopy \\ <SourceServerName> \Users \\ <DestinationServerName> \UserShares /E /COPY:DATSOU /R:10 /LOG:C:\Copyresults.txt

I would recommend copy rather than move, the dates should be retained by default, and I would do a test folder first.  Long file names can be an issue so make sure you are using logging.
Same domain, but the new server has a new, rather different name the the old server. How does this look:

Robocopy \\ oldservername \old_shared_folder \\ newservername \same_share_name /E /COPY:DATSOU /R:10 /LOG:C:\Copyresults.txt
Looks like its working! There are several folders under the the main share and so I ran it copying one folder as a test (Robocopy \\oldservername\old_shared_folder\folder1  D:\same_share_name...) . If I run this agian but only point to the main share (Robocopy \\oldservername\old_shared_folder \\ D:\same_share_name...) will it skip what's already been copied?
Also, upon further review, I noticied that all folders/directories did not retain thier date modified, only the individual files retained that information. Is there a switch that will allow the folders to also retain thier date modified?
/dcopy:T  should copy the directory time stamps, however it only works with the copy command (not move) and you must run the command window with elevated privileges (i.e. run cmd, on the destination server, by right clicking on the cmd icon and choose run as administrator).

As for copying existing files and folders 'over top' I am not sure what happens.  With Copy and XCopy you are warned and have to approve, or there are /Q switches (quite) to kill the prompts, but no such switch exists with RoboCopy.  There are exclude switches or if you did this on a regular basis you could use backup mode and the archive attribute, but I doubt that is helpful here.
Sorry for the delayed response. Your help with this issue is greatly appreciated. As it has been a bit since I copied the files, some files have changed in the original location. What can I run to overwrite the new location with any files that have changed in the original location? Also I used the /s modifier (to not copy empty directories) but, according to the log summary 945 files were skipped in addition to 103 directories. How can I see what files were skipped?
If the file locations have changed I know of no settings to deal with that.

Why is this being done over a period of time?  If this is a case of synchronizing file I would recommend a 3rd party app like