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ACCESS Error ODBC call failed

Does anyone know what that error means?

1 My data base resides on a SQL Server
2. The error occurs while performing a query on a form to retrieve data into a combo box
3 It is the second combo box used in the project. The first combo box is on form 1 which is open but hidden. The error occurs on form 2 while opening a different combo box

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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)
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Thanks Jim,

I believe you are correct.

When I look at the query in the combo box (query1) it uses data from another query2. I inherited this project so I do not understand the rationale for that. I think I'll try using query2 in the combo box that after lunch. Query2 will run  but query1 produces the error.

Both queries run before putting the database on SQL server and linking to it.
Thanks Jim, you pointed me in the right direction I still don't know why the original other had the combo box query get data from a select query. He/She could have just used the select query in the combo A.E.N

I thought I could get a quick answer by just doing a search on the error message. Some solutions were to increase the time of the query.

I can only partially understand why the using the two queries did not work since they do work i an Access database even on that is split.

Thanks again.