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Citrix user local profile - outlook frmcache.dat

My software support has recommended I increase the %appdata%/local/microsoft/forms/frmcache.dat to try and prevent corruption.
Outlook 2007 - default 2048kb file size
Worksite/Filesite/Interwoven/Autonomy - current release 8.5 sp3.  When the frmcache is corrupted, visablity to the Worksite views disappears in outlook. With the Worksite data the standard users frmcache.dat is 2873kb.

Problem - my standard citrix users are very locked down.  The only way to change the frmcache (which requires a reboot) is to give domain admin access, but once I remove that right everything resets back to default. We are also considering moving to a Shoretel voip phone system which has this same issue, but again I cannot find citrix fixes.

Microsoft KB states that it's an outlook option, but has no citrix info or other methods to address the file size.

Appreciate any ideas!
Thanks, Patti

Citrix Xenapp 6.5
Vmware 5 running win2008 r2 64bit
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According to microsoft it is only accessible via outlook (I've searched and quite a few other people have asked for registry work arounds but no luck).

In Outlook 2007 - Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Custom Forms > 
default size is 2mb, vendor has recommended 5mb.  Once you edit this setting, you are prompted to reboot.  Which for my standard citrix users it not an available option and something that would be very dangerous to allow, even for a short time!

I'm going to attempt to update on a test users local machine and copy to citrix, and see if that may be a work around.

Greatly appreciate any assistance, thanks Coralon!
Asking about the mechanics was the key - since it's outlook based but everyone on citrix is using the same outlook.exe just different profiles it did work to update one user on their local machine, then manually copy the updated file to their %appdata%.

Luckily I'm a small installation!