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Close form if condition is true

Hi Experts,

I need to do the following before the user starts using a form

If x = y Then
   MsgBox "You Can't use this form"
   Unload Me
End If

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What would be the event I use here?  I Can't use Form_Load as i can't unload from here

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OnOpen has a Cancel event...

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel as Integer)

if x = y then
   Msgbox "Your message goes here"
   Cancel = True
end if

End Sub
in your Form_Load event try

If x = y Then
   MsgBox "You Can't use this form"
   DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name
End If
Duplicate post ... Cap is correct.

You can also do this from the calling code...

If x = y then
   Msgbox "Your message goes here"
   DoCmd.OpenForm "form name", acNormal
End If
Why not check the condition before you try to open the form since I assume that x and y are not values on the form itself? Even if they are it's easy to create a Private Property(s) on the form that can be queried before the form is opened and without causing the form to open.