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Cannot get updates from WSUS to install 3rd party commercial package

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Trying to install a commercial controls protocol analyzer and having problems.  See attached screen shots.

The target machines are not and never will be connected to the public internet.
The target machines are set up to point to a WSUS server for updates
Windows update is disabled via group policy.  This was confirmed through RSOP on
    the target machine  
Automatic Update is set on 'automatic'.

What do I need to do to get the dependencies indicated in the screenshots to install ?

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Well, there should be no problem with dotnet 4, we used WSUS to deploy it. Have you already had it detected and approved at your WSUS?
The other one's here: - I am not familiar with it and unsure if you could rollout that thing via WSUS. But you could script install that .exe - did you ever script install software?
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Well, I sure thought so.  But is there a magic search string I can use in WSUS search to be sure I've got the right one(s) approved?

I'd rather the application's installation process did it via WSUS; my understanding is that's the official way to do it if the box isn't connected to the public internet.  I'd rather not script anything if I can get out of it.

> Well, there should be no problem with dotnet 4, we used WSUS to deploy it. Have you already > had it detected and approved at your WSUS?
The application is not WSUS aware. In fact: you won't find any that is. It will not say "hey, we need dotnet4, let's pull it from WSUS" - no, no.
You need to search for the dotnet update (try the magic string "dotnet" or ".net" - how about that?) and see it's approval status.
Maybe that should be our first step and worry later about the second software you need.
thanks for the reply.  WSUS is downloading stuff now.  the .NET 4 stuff is approved but yet to be downloaded.

For the broader question, I guess I was working under the assumption that WSUS was simply a glorified intelligent mirror a la mrepo or apt-mirror.  I guess that's not the case, rather it is a push/pull limited update management framework, and any resemblance to a mirror is entirely coincidental?  Is this correct?

Mirroring what?
It mirrors the MS update server (which itself is a WSUS).
OK, then I am misunderstanding worse than I was when I started?  

What GPO do I need to configure so that the individual program I'm installing (in this case an ASE protocol analyser, but should apply to any self-installing program) to go to the local mirror and pull the updates it needs?
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ok, thank you for working with me on this.  

I've sent a note to the PHB', PTB...that WSUS is not fit for the purpose needed and I'm moving on.

Thanks again.
questioner should have probably defined the term 'mirror' better, and thus clarified exactly what the expected behaviour of WSUS was expected to be.