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Activesync folders missing - SBS2011

Hoping someone has some ideas...

Recently installed an SBS2011 server. Everything went fine but one user (to my knowledge) has folders missing when they add their exchange account to their phone. I have added the account myself and am missing the folders as well.
These folders appear in webmail fine, and there is no pattern. One missing folder has 1000 odd emails and another has 1 email...

 I know in full blown exchange you could edit a reg key to increase objfolder, but this tree doesn't exist in SBS2011 and i'm not getting the event logs that normally come with that problem.

Anyone have any ideas why some folders could be missing? Event logs are clean...

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If happened to only one user and your account also happened to this phone? Do you have another phone to try? I don't think it is server side.
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Same issue on another phone. His was an iphone and mine an android. Thanks for the reply though
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If the server was recently installed, how did the data from the mailbox make its way to the server?

.PST import on client / server or migration from an old server?

What Service Pack for Exchange is installed on the SBS 2011 Server?  SP3 was just released yesterday.

It would be worth installing at least Exchange 2010 SP2 RU5 to make sure it isn't an issue already addresses.

There are quite a few outstanding updates. I will patch it all tonight and then let you know tomorrow if there is any change. Thanks!
Server fully patched and no change.
Okay - can you please answer my other questions.

Many thanks

Thanks for the reply. We ran a swing migration from an old 2003 server. Exchange is now fully patched with the latest SP. We've also tested in a VM running Android and have the same issue.

FYI, webmail shows the folders fine, so it seems to be activesync related maybe?
Okay - I would suggest creating a second mailbox database and moving the mailbox to it to rule out database corruption.
Thanks. We'll give it a go and let you know how it goes.
Sorry for the delay, took a while to be able to schedule this. I created a new DB and copied across, no corrupt items and same problem in the new DB. Copied back and same issue as expected again on the original DB.
Obvious I know, but is the phone set to sync all time under 'period to sync'?  What happens if you recreate an identical folder and copy the items over - does that sync?
I would also point out that by default (at least on Windows Phones) all that gets sync'd by default on the phone is the Inbox, and as pointed out, by default, only 3 days worth of data.

You have to click on folders and specify which ones you want to sync
Any new folders are synchronised perfectly... The sync is also set to all time - and older folders sync fine. It's just these select few...

I think instead of banging our heads on this one, we'll just go through and recreate the faulty folders. It will take some time to find and compare, but we can't think of anything else at this stage.
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Cheers for posting back details on what you found the solution to be, most helpful. It's not a problem I've ever encountered and it will take me much less time to solve now if I do encounter it so thanks!

Eventually found the issue ourselves.