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windows remote desktop

hello - i just got a new desktop with windows 7 home; I would like to use this remotely from my laptop which as windows 7 pro installed... I need someone to walk me through how in the world to set this up :)
(i've tried teamviewer and most of the time it works good... not always... I'd love to try remote desktop so i have more options...)
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On your desktop pc:
- Right-click computer, select properties, click on remote settings and select one of the 2 'Allow connections ..' options (it doesn't matter which one since you use windows 7 on both)
- cliclk on 'Select Users' button, then Add, type your username you use to login and click OK 3 times.
- Find out your desktop pc IP by opening a command prompt (click start button and type CMD in the search field) and typing ipconfig and looking for IPv4 Address.

On your laptop:
- Click start button and type MSTSC in the search field. This opens the remote desktop connection dialog
- Type here the IP you retrieved from your Desktop PC and click connect
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hmm. tried these... the dialog boxes on my desktop don't look like the ones in the demos - there's no place to select users; could that be because it's the home version?
i tried bringing up remote desktop on my laptop and just putting in the ip address and username - but doesn't connect.
any suggestions?
for some reason there is no option like this... attached is a screenshot of the remote access dialog
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when both machines are on can you ping your desktop, if you can and you still cant remote desktop on to it,

try disabling the firewall on the desktop, if that dont work,

keep firewall disabled and check if its being blocked by router firewall?

should pin point where its failing
I was told in another EE posting that as long as the machine you are using is pro version - then you can remote into the other machine even if it's not pro... is that for sure not true?
You can try this:

«Link to hack removed - Qlemo, Topic Advisor»
wow - ok yeah, that looks like what i need - but i have no idea how to do it - can you help me with that?
"I was told in another EE posting that as long as the machine you are using is pro version - then you can remote into the other machine even if it's not pro... is that for sure not true?"
No, for sure untrue. The only thing the home version allows is remote assistance (="RA"). RA has to be initiated by the user of the home version computer, which implies you cannot start to remote control that pc if it's left unattended.

Why haxxy links, as fine as it looks, is illegal and therefore should not be linked here. Microsoft has made the home version cheaper, if you modify the home version (which violates EULA), you are unlocking features that were not developed for you (but for others that paid more for the pro version).
Is it only me and McKnife that understand that Windows 7 HOME version does not have the option of RDP without an illegal hack.

If you want to remote your machine, use Teamviewer or similar!!!


Experts Exchange is not the place to discuss illegal hacks, violation of EULAs etc.
ok ouch. I wouldn't have known that. certainly don't want to do what's illegal.
here's what I'm wondering though... the reason that i'm asking about remote desktop is because i've been having some problems with the teamviewer and programs like it and thought that maybe the built in windows feature would be more stable etc.
so... could there be a way for me to use something like teamviewer - to log in and initiate a remote assisstance session?? does that work sort of like remote desktop once you initiate it? how would I set that up?
thanks so much!
as a follow up - if remote assistance can't work this for me in this way - is it worth it for me to pay for upgrade to pro windows? do you think that it's true that remote desktop would work better than the teamviewer type programs?
I've never had issues with TeamViewer, but if that doesn't work for you, consider:

- GoToMyPC
- LogMeIn
- TightVNC

or similar.
Are you trying to get to your PC across your local network only?

If so, TightVNC or similar will let you remote control the machine for free.

If remote control is the only reason you were thinking about upgrading, then no, it's not worth it.  If you needed to join a domain, etc, then it's a necessity.

Let us know how you're attempting to access the machine (i.e. Remotely over the internet or locally on your own Network).
This may be of interest (except you can't use Number 4 - RDP!)
thanks for the link!

i'm attempting to remotely use the computer over the internet from another location. I've been at it for two weeks - the first week teamviewer worked great. last week though it was awful. thought i'd just try out a few options so I will :)
if remote assistance is one of my options - would like to try it. i'll wait to hear
thanks so much
Remote assistance can be iffy.  I've seen it give out the wrong IP address for the connection, and therefore the connection fails 100% of the time.

I'd say Teamviewer or GoToMyPc are probably your best options, and as you don't seem to have success with TeamViewer, GoToMyPc is your next stop.
just looked at go to my pc - looks like it might be better than the others - but for less than the price of one year of it - i think i can upgrade to windows 7 pro and use remote desktop right? just wondering if it's worth it. problem with logmein is that it doesn't do full screen mode (i don't think) i guess i can try some of the others too...
There may be one thing you're overlooking with your desire to use Remote Desktop...

How are you going to get "in" to your network from the internet?

Do you have a VPN set up?  Are you going to configure a port redirection for port 3389 to your desktop?  Remote Desktop does not advertise itself on the internet, you need some sort of method of being able to get to your machine first.

This is where teamviewer, gotomypc, logmein etc win, they're advertised in a secure manner on the internet, so you don't need to compromise or change security on your home network.
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just ended up having a few different free ones installed so if one goes fluzy i can swich :)
thanks so much!