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USB Device Not Recognized - HELP

Hi Experts,

 i was getting unsuficient power errors when i was connecting an xray sensor on my computer. Then i purchased a belkin powered usb 4 port hub and now i'm keep getting this error message:
one of the usb devices attached to this computer has mulfuntoined and windows does not recognize it. for assistance in solving this problem click this message.
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It is possible that the powered usb hub is not compatible with your system, or it maybe a defective unit. How about trying to reboot the computer, to see if that helps recognize the device. You should not require any drivers as this is just adding more usb ports to your system and providing you with powered usb ports, did it come with any software or instruction manuals? Try that first.
test if the sensorworks on another pc, with and without the powered hub
but yes, it can be a bad sensor
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Yes the sensor works on another computer just fine. I bought another powered USB hub and same error , I even bought a pci USB card and same results. You think it's the motherboard? I also replaced the power supply.
wait a minute for a new mobo - answer these first :
-do other usb devices show ok ?
-check for errors in device manager
-update the drivers, starting with the chipset driver
reboot and report back
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i don't find it very polite you never answered my last post, when i'm trying to help you - in my time, and without even getting paid...
fixed problem