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Citrix XenApp 6.5 High Availability

Hello Experts,
Lab Setup:
Currently I have single XepApp Server with XenApp Server, Licensing and Web Interface Roles Installed and also I have Windows 2008 Domain with DC1

I want to setup a failover with XenApp. For instance, if the primary server fails and how to let the users to connect to Secondary Server.

What is the best way to achieve this ?

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Carl Webster
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Hi Carl,
WoW ! Thanks for a very quick response. I really appreciate that.
Just a general question, is it possible to have a  failover if each server has all the roles installed on it.
Not very easily.  It would take an extreme amount of effort and I don't know if Citrix would support it.
Just to be clear, for example I have 2 servers

CTX01 ( XenApp Server, WI and License Roles Installed)
CTX02 ( XenApp Server, WI and License Roles Installed)

Is it possible to have failover between them. if the CTX01 server fails, let the users to connect to CTX02. Due to my low budget, I want to follow this setup. How can I achieve this,  if possible ?
not going to happen.  Don't even try.  WI will require Windows NLB to achieve some kind of load balancing and that will break XenApp if XenApp will even work with NLB.  The license file has to have the name of the license server in it.  Unless you plan to buy double licenses and have two license files with different server names, your plan will not work.

You have 30 days to get a licnese server back up and running so you really don't need a "backup" or "failover" license server.

I wouldn't even attempt or bother with your plan.

WI and LS are so low overhead, you could use the free XenServer on a low end computer, create one or two VMs and put those roles there.

Web Interface is a different story.  Actually more of a novel. :)
What could be the best way to achieve it. I have 2 physical servers. I don't want to separate SQL database on different server ?

Thanks for your help
Then your plan will not and cannot work.  SQL Express cannot be made HA or FT.  If the server that has the SQL Express data store database goes down or even rebooted, the farm is not available.  Also, you lose that database, you just lost your farm.
Ok Clear.
- I have 2 physical server? Please can you suggest me the best plan to achieve high avaibility and less down time.

- How do setup a  separate SQL server? Please can you provide me guide on this

WHat is already on the two servers?
On the first server I have installed Hyper V and 2 VM's
* XenApp (XenApp, WI and Licensing Installed)
* Domain Controller
and other physical  server have nothing yet.

I can recreate my restructure since this is a lab environment.

Where are you going to draw the line?

If you go to a SQLServer database, are you going to make SQL Server HA?
If the SQL Server that has the data store database goes down, your farm goes down (as in no changes can be made).

Are you going to make Hyper-V (or XenServer or ESX) HA?  (you will need a 3rd server)

How are you going to get your users to connect to the other WI server when the 1st one goes offline or down?

TO keep with what you have:

Domain Controller VM (I would put the license server here)
SQL Server VM
XenApp VM

Domain Controller VM
SQL Server VM
XenApp VM

Do your servers have the necessary RAM and CPUs to handle this load?

SQL Server you will need to setup database mirroring for the data store database.

Web Interface you will need to setup WIndows NLB.

XenApp will automatically handle the load balancing.
Lets say I used my 2 physical servers only for Citrix environment How setup will be in this case
and I can bring another server for domain controller.
Lets make it simple How do I now utilize my 2 physical server ( only citrix environment) for high availbility.

Please bear with me as I am new to citrix. this is my first setup.

For XenApp, you will need to move the data store database.

Install as many XenApp servers as you wish.

Either create a Worker Group for the servers and use the Worker Group for your published resources or assign every server to every published resource.

Web Interface, create two VMs one on each server and use Windows NLB.

License Server, no HA needed.

You only have one DC so you will need a DC on server2.
I'll build from the scratch, please can you provide me  the steps ( like how do i distribute the roles.

Thanks for your precious time. By the way your blog is great I love it

Thanks for the compliment.

DC/License Server

Server 2:
As you mentioned earlier, there is HA for SQL server. For example, a separate for SQL goes down then all the farm will be not accessible. Therefor what is recommended solution for that ?

For SQL mirroring you need 3 SQL servers and you only have 2 servers.
Ok I'll proceed with the servers installation as you posted.
Please can you provide me the following

- the further configuration for nlb, worker group, web interface clustering
- how do I install SQL on different server and configure the Database I have SQL 2008 media

Thank you very much I greatly appreciate your help
There are lots of documents out there that explain NLB for IIS.  I have never set it up as most people use NetScaler or CAG to load balance WI and I have never set those up either.

Worker Groups:

SQL installation is easy.  Just do everything using your domain admin account for your lab.  Mount the SQL ISO, run setup.exe and follow the wizard.