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Linux Zimbra server relocation

I am not a Linux expert, so please “Dumb Down” your answers.

We are retiring a Linux Domain today to re-purpose the main server for other purposes.

One of the machines on the soon to be defunct Domain is a virtual box that houses a Zimbra email server.

Although this server is no longer used, the original user wants to have it available for reference for a while.

My questions are:

Once I retire the old Domain, what is the best way to keep this specific machine available and accessible?

I do have an active Windows 03 AD Domain.

And if I can somehow add it to my Windows Domain, or some workgroup, will there be any potential conflict with my Exchange 03 server that I have in this same AD Domain?

Thanks in advance.
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If  understand correctly a PC in your old Domain has VirtualBox installed and it hosts a Zimbra Server.  If this is the case all you would do is to copy the file (VirtualBox creates a disk image file for guests) and move it  to a new machine. So your Zimbra server actually resides over a file which was seen as a physical Hard Disk by your guest (in this case a linux server with Zimbra). When you install VirtualBox over the new system just create a new virtual machine using the file you've just copied from the old system as the disk. Now you have the Zimbra system over a new system.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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Sorry, I was not clear...

I am not using "VirtualBox" as a brand name.

The box I am refering to is a: "VMware ESX Server 3i" (Don't know much about this either).

If that makes any difference in the solution.

My main concern is, that once I disable the Domain, the Zimbra server will get lost.

Can't I just reset the membership to a workgroup for example, like any PC?
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Just changed some local DNS pointers on the Nik and it transfered over fine.