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MAC Address from Switch with PowerShell

I am wanting to get the mac address table from a switch and send the output into powershell for searching.

My goal is to take an MAC address that a user inputs and be able to search multiple switches for it. I would then like to be able to see the Port and Switch that MAC is on.

How can I achieve this with PowerShell (or by using other tools with powershell)?
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What kind of switches do you have?

You're either going to have to do an SNMP query or actually telnet/ssh into the switches from Powershell and extract that info.
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We have HP procurve switches.  Their commands are nearly identical to Cisco though.

Have you done this before?

Thank you for the links!
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Thank you for all of the help! I added this to my project list but I think I have a way to achieve this.