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Dell Power Edge 2950 Server wont boot after doing a reboot


We are having some issues with our Dell Power Edge 2950 where when we do a reboot the system just hangs with a grey screen. There is power and it seems like it is doing a reboot but nothing.

If we shut the server down instead of rebooting and then obviously manually press the power button the server boot's fine.

This is a big issue as we have scripts that do a reboot on our servers (that being one of them) every weekend thus leaving people without access to that server on Monday morning.

Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated
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Seth Simmons
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What OS is it running?
How far does it go in the boot process?
Does it hang when Windows is booting or during post?
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2k3 server r2

Hard to say because as soon as it restarts there is nothing on the screen it's just grey
ok so it doesn't show the dell logo?
what bios is the server at?
I would reboot and go into thje raid setup CTL-R and verify the raid is not degraded.

Then boot with dell's self booting Diags CD and run a full set of hardware diags.

Then try loggin into safe mode and check things out.
If you get there, go to start/run sfc/scannow
Does it hang on the way down or on the way back up?  If it hangs on the way back up, does it hang at a Windows screen (after the CTRL-E within 5 seconds prompt)?
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hangs on the way back up

no windows screen

no text / nothing
Have you determined what bios level the system is at?
I have a couple 2950's at a remote office that have odd startup/shutdown issues and the bios was never updated.
So, after the server (system itself) actually reboots, you don't even see the Dell splash/logo screen?  And this does not happen on a cold boot?  Is the status LCD amber or blue?
If you still have problems. try these to isolate the issue:

1. Reseat all ram and add-in cards you might have
2. Plug the monitor into the front VGA connection and test
3. Try connecting to the Idrac IP if you have it setup.

Dell provides lifetime basic server support if you are the registered owner. They may be able to help.
"Dell provides lifetime basic server support if you are the registered owner. They may be able to help. "

Unfortunately, that has changed ... systems shipped after 10/29/09 must now be under warranty, so with a 2950, it would depend on when it was invoiced.
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Tony Giangreco
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