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system recovery usb for windows by

Hi Experts,

I need to make a recovery media for windows Xp & 7 32/64 bit. User wants if windows crashes, it will restore the stable state of windows and restore it like system restore. i need to generate a program to automate that task with

Now, I am in planning to do this with the following steps, correct me if I am wrong.

1. copy the windows systems directory to one usb drive
2. usb should be bootable with linux
3. i will use rsync like utility to back up system volume periodically

whenever windows crash, the user should able to boot from that usb and restore the system directories from that usb drive.

Now, my questions are as follows:

1. is it possible?
2. if not then how I can do that?
3. if possible, then how can i make that usb? is it possible to insert an usb, boot it by linux / dos environment and copy the system volumes from that usb to pc hdd. again boot it as normal windows?

please help.

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I got a fantastic video, but it needs too much user inputs. can i do those with command prompt entirely so that i can make a batch file to make system recovery media?
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ok, so can i make windows xp / win 7 system recovery cd/dvd y command line?
No, you will need to make windows xp / win 7 system recovery cd/dvd by the methods shown in the guides that I gave links for.
is it possible to make a combination of imagex & diskpart to achieve this from command line? can i use this combination for windows xp & windows 7 32 & 64 bit both? can it be created by a batch file and usb drive what i want to achieve?