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Which HP Prolaint should I buy for the latest Exchange

I need a recommendation for a Proliant server that will work with the latest Exchange Server. I have Proliants and I would like to stay with them since I know how to manage them.
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I need someone to tell me specifically what model of Proliant i need to get (Proliant ML 350, etc). I was told that my existing ML350 G6 will not do well. It has sufficient RAM and Disk space (SAS) drives. it also has dual quad-core Xeon CPUs
It is not so simple to select hardware. It depends on users quantity, type of access, even on typical message type and size. Do you have now Exchange installed?
Okay, thank you. I currently have Exchange 2007 on a Server 2003 R2 OS. I'll figure it out.
Thank you. the URL is a great reference
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Bang your figures into the sizer here -

Note though that it's not really made for small Exchange servers so it can throw too much hardware at you but it does normally give good figures.

Another option is to look at the ESRP website

(pick a 1000 user solution from HP and it'll suggest a DL380p Gen8 (actually 2 for redundancy) but you can always hammer it into ML350 shape if you want a tower model, functionality is the same. Note the use of LFF disks in the example since Exchange is designed to use slow disks.
Okay thank you.