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Remove Blanks Space Between 2 elements

1) see this page:

2) click on the slideshow on the right to advance to slide 2.

3) note that the Galleria JS triggers a MediaElements player to appear below

4) I would like to have this audio controller to be instantiated immediately underneath the slideshow with no white space so that the whole appears as a visual unit.

But, but my CSS  analysis skills are not strong enough... I tried to find the rules that are causing that approx. 20px  vertical separation, but to know avail. I copied the generated code and cannot find any top margin or padding settings that would  cause the two divs to separate :

<div id="gallery1360896922" class="slideshow-galleria">##slideshow container##</div>
<div class="audio-player">##audio player container##</div>

Can you find a way to get the audio player to go flush up to the bottom of the slideshow stage container?
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duh! that works great!   I need to stop looking for the hard way!  I would rather not touch the main style sheet for this, so I will add it in line.

 Thanks Leakim!