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Domain name (no emails, no website) is no longer accessible.


My website/shop and emails are not working.  My domain name is  Everything was fine, until today.

I'm from the UK, and the domain name was registered in the US long ago.   I do not have any information with regards to  who created the email/domain name. indeed I do not know who is hosting it.  I access the email accounts from Google apps (this was how I took over the admin of the site), and the website from the URL - it has worked fine for years.

Some information.

What has happened here?  

Private, Registration TRAINATBULKS

Who are domainsbyproxy?

I can send emails, but not receive them on  I can access the FTP server, but cannot download files from that server.

Any ideas.  Suddenly no emails being received, and the URL does not resolve to the website anymore.   Has our domain name been suspended ?

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Seth Simmons
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