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FTP with Certificate Authentication -

    I have a windows 2003 R2 server on which i run some client tools.  
    There is another server windows 2008 R2.
    There is a requirement to FTP a file from the Win2003 server
    onto the Win2008 server.

    However, the people owing the Win2008 is asking if we can
    FTP with certificate authentication?

    I am not sure how this can be achieved.
    Is FTP with certificate authentication supported from a ftp client on Win2003 R2?
    Please advise.
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Sajid Shaik M
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check this article having all the answers

all the best
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FTPS is FTP protected by SSL (TLS)

Certificate authentication is where the client presents its own SSL certificate for authentication, sometimes in addition to (but often instead of) a password. This requires the FTP client to have both a client private key and a public certificate.  You'd send the server administrator a copy of your certificate.  During the authentication process there will be a challenge-response where the server will send a value to the client and challenge the client to encrypt it using its private key.  The client does this and returns the encrypted value to the server.  If the server is then able to decrypt the value with its copy of the client's public certificate then it knows that the client must hold the correct private key so access is granted.  I have used Robo-FTP to automate jobs on a Windows 2003 server where the remote server requires certificate authentication.