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Creating View from another SQL server into your local SQL server

Hi Experts
I am looking for a way to read some table from another SQL server and storing it to my local SQL server, that is why i want to make a View in my local database to read another SQL sever, but i have no idea how to achieve this.
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Dale Burrell
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To be clear a view doesn't copy the data, just provides a view to it...
CREATE view dbo.MyView
select Column1, Column2, Column13, ...
from OtherServerName.dbo.TableName -- assuming dbo is the owner name

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>to read some table from another SQL server
you can achieve that using a linked server, for ad-hoc queries.

>and storing it to my local SQL server,
you could INSERT into a local table reading from the linked server using above.
but depending on the actual needs, you might be happier with replication, for example.
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Doh... sorry my code shows how to grab data from another database... not another server.