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External VGA video inside Windows

Hi tech guys,

I would like to have the external VGA video signal coming from another device as 2nd computer or an digital oscilloscope or whatever, applied to a video converter device/card attached to the main PC/monitor and to be displayed on the screen as a window which can be resized, closed, as I do it with a normal application, video player inside Windows.

What kind of hardware and software do I need?

I know there is the simple alternative with a video switcher between 2 video signals, but is not what I want, because that takes control over entire monitor of my PC and I would like to have that additional VGA video signal as a PIP.

Then there is also the solution with PIP monitors, but seems that the video size is not any size and not anywhere on the screen as it is with a software video player.

I would like to have it as a video application at the taskbar and only to switch between different applications and that video. Or sometimes just  to be somewhere small on the screen, but that small I want it adjustable.

Any chance for such hardware/software? …of course not very expensive.
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As far as I know a monitor will only display one signal at a time.  You need some kind of switch arrangement similar to a security system with multiple cameras that switches between cameras.  Best option might be a dual screen system with one source displayed on each.  You would probably need expensive equipment to mix video and display on one screen.
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I have read some reviews and seems that ephian vga2usb is the best.
Alternatives are video capture cards, isa, pci...a lot more expensive

I am not so sure what are the differences, with what is better one than another all these versions VGA2USB types: LR, HR, PRO, RM.

Even so, 300 bucs is not so cheap compared with a simple video switch...

Do I really can see vidoes in adjustable window as PIP with VGA2USB ? or just static images?
and do I really need to use their software to see the videos or pictures ? Or can I use video player as windows media player or a similar one? It does really streams video?
You'll need to use their software and it's video not static images.

You can save the files as movies if you need to and later watch them on media player if you want.
so it is not a real time streaming?
do I need to save first and later watch?
I would like a real time video.
It's real time, with an option to record and play later.
Thanks for info.
Is still too expensive for what I wanted, but good to know about such device still cheaper than a video digitizer/capture card inside PC slots.
I think I will go with normal video switch.