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Install App-v 5 client

Please advise on installing App-v 5 client.
I would like to have 1 exe who runs all the prereqs.

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If you have the MDOP media you should find an EXE next to the MSI that does exactly that - installs any requirements (like Visual C runtimes) and then installs the MSI.  You can pass the parameters to the EXE that you would normally pass to the MSI and it will pass them along.

Here is the info on using the EXE or MSI:
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No it does not install the prereqs., it did in 4.6 not in 5. That s exactly why I post this q. Please check your sources.
Helpful if you mention that in uour Q.  Wouldn't trust an EXE installer not provided by MS and this is what they provide.
Found that out on a technet forum, they appear to be much more accurate then ee, so I post on both forums at the same time. I know the behaviour you describe, you just assume it s the same in 5.0, but it isn t.
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Solved my problem.