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Configuring Storage for Hyper-v in 2012.

I have installed 2012 server with hyper-v role. This host server has tow RAID one drives: one for the OS and another one for Data . ( 1tB and 2TB)  I have added one 2012 server VM and allocated it about 80 of space. This VM will be running a business application.  While I was creating the VM it told me the default storage for the VM is on the C drive  and I left it at that.

I have a few questions:
1. Performance wise, does it make a lot of sense to have the VM stored on the second RAID one drive with 2TB of space.

2. My plan was that after I installed the VM and give it 80GB for the OS, I would then take some space from the 2TB data drive and user it to store the business application data files.Does that make sense? or am I better off keeping everything on a single drive. How does that come into play if I wanted to move the VM into another hyper-v host? Because I wondered that if I keep the OS files and the data files on a single drive, it would easier to move the Vm around and it would be more redundant.
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