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SQL Service startup account change and sharepoint application database connection problem


I  have recently  sql service startup account from one domain user to another domain user. Both two users are  in local administrators group. I call them old user and new user. First try through windows service snap-in,  after startup account is changed from the old user to the new user, sql services (engine service and agent service) are started and running,  databases are available, but sharepoint application (on another server) cannot connect to database. I have to change the startup account back to the old user.  For second try, I change the startup account through SQL server Configuration Manager to the new user, it is same, the sql services are started and  running but the sharepoint application cannot connect to it.  

I wonder if you have encountered this probelm, and help me on the issue.
Thanks in advance.

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Remember, SQL servers have logins and the databases *within* the server has users.  You may have updated the logins for SQL Server, but you'll still have to add the new user to the individual SharePoint databases as well (and assign them the proper read/write/execute/whatever rights).
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