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Exchange 2007 Public Folder Permissions

We have several public folder items that were created and I do not have rights to modify permissions on any of them (and need to be able to). Is there a way I can give myself rights either through the console or through the Exchange shell to specific folders?
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You can do that simple way with Going to EMC -> Toolbox -> PFConsole -> Go to the specific PF and from the middle pane go to Properties AdministrativePermissions tab and give yourself rights

- Rancy
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Rnacy, nothing shows up in the middle pane when I click on the PF in question.
I think you will find it only in Exchange 2010 SP1. Exchange 2007 does not have the feature to manage PF permissions through EMC
No no sir click the Parent PF and have the concerned PF in the middle pane :)

- Rancy
Did that and can access Properties and I see no way to add permissions to the folder.
You you see a Tab if i am correct permissions and that has Buttons for Client permissions and Administrative permissions (Please check the tabs on that PF properties)

- Rancy
This is what i got...
Have you tried the Powershell command that i have given? That will give out error, if any. Maybe, you dont have access to modify the permissions and hence the tab does not show up.
On Exchange 2007 you can assign permissions on PF only using Powershell:

Add-ExchangeAdministrator -Identity '' -Role:'PublicFolderAdmin'

For more info have a look on this document: