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Is there any way to converting Borland C++ Application to Visual Studio 2010 VB.Net or as VC++.Net

My client as an application developed using Borland C++ Build 3 and it access Paradox dbase files. Problem is that they migrated to a 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate O/S. The only way the program works was to create a virtual WinXP Environment.

My client wants it to work in the Windows 7 environment. Is there any way to run an app like this outside of the virtual environment?

If it can't be done then:

Can it be easily converted to VB.Net?

If not; can it be converted to VC++.Net?

I used the all-knowing Google but everything that I read says that I must re-write the app from scratch. I doubt the client wants to pay the money for that.

Does anyone have any ideas if there is a way to accomplish this?


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It *should* be able to get that run on W7/64 (no guarantee implied) if you are aware of the caveats, which are registry virtualization and file system virtualization. Where are you running in trouble? During the installation process or later on?
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Actually it is working in a virtual XP environment perfectly. No troubles. The client wants it to work outside of the virtual environement and to run on Win 7-64 bit.
Well, got that ;o)

But where are you running in trouble on W7/64?
They are not comfortable running it this way. It appears stable but the app launched in 1998, so it is ancient. There have been minor tweaks over the years, but the original developer has moved on and will no longer provide support.

The program needs to be modernized, so I guess my main question what is the best way to get it there?

Any convertors out there or I am going to have to redo it from scratch? Once they get my high 5-figure low 6-figure price for it, I think they will nix it. Original development took over 1 year to do.

Thus came here looking for a less expensive alternative.
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Thanks. You just reinforced what I suspected. Thank you.
Don't worry, went through that problem in the '90s already when it stil was OWL :-/
You mean that I am 10-20 years too late for this party? I told the client and they are not in a position to rewrite. I told them that eventually they will not be able to kick the can down the road any further.

They said that they hope to be retired so it is someone else problem :)

Me too!
No, but a that time, Borland was still running its own non-Delphi-based class library, which *theorhetically* would have made it possible to use that with a MS compiler, yet both license and compiler issues made that impossible... It'd have already called for a rewrite then, especially when GUI classe enter the scene...