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Unable to send an email to an alias e-mail address on Exchange 2003

Any help appreciated!!

I manage an old Exchange 2003 server on which I have just added a new domain alias to all the users after a company take over.  I have set the alias as the default, and for the 90 odd users this works well, however, one user cannot receive emails sent from outside the domain to the new alias.  They do receive emails set to that address internally.

I have run tests via  and all the email alias addresses work except this user.

I have applied the Routing Policy and rebuilt the GAL, but no difference.

I'm stuck now, so any help would be appreciated.

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Neil Russell
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What is the alias name part? Befoer the @
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Hi its

the works fine,
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What happens if you send email to this New email and please check these isnt some duplication of this email by any means

- Rancy
If I send an e-mail it comes back as recipient unknown. NDR error 550
Do you use any filtering service between your exchange server and the outside world? Does your MX record point straight to your exchange server or not?

Yes we iCritical and have done for years.  It is parsed by that OK, but then rejected and the error indicates address does not exist on the server as below:-

20/02/2013 20:10      -      xx.xx.xx.xx      MX1      Recipient Verifier
Recipient Unknown ..... check email in AD and ensure it can find user and no duplicates

- Rancy
Is this a NDR to a Internal or for a External user

- Rancy

External NDR, and yes it can find the email in AD, and there are no duplicates.  Internal emails both resolve and send successfully.
Is there some firewall or Spam software my sure guess is that it isnt for some reason update this users new email information

- Rancy
There is a firewall, but it doesn't filter emails.  There is Kaspersky on the Exchange server, might be worth a check.
Maybe as if internal is working means Exchange is clear some 3rd party or something between Exchange and External

- Rancy
I have verified the new email address exists in the All Address Lists -> All users list, and in the Default Global Address List.  I think you may be right, but there doesn't appear to be any form of block or blacklist in Kaspersky.
I've also check the Message Tracking tool, and that email address hasn't received anything.
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Not sure but something in between i have seen much of this with Firewall caching some old data for some Email and when assigned to new it drops those emails so i guess something

- Rancy
I have found nothing in between the Exchange server and the internet that causes the issue.  The change of name seems to have resolved the issue, so I'm putting this one to bed.