Hyper-V Virtual Machine booting OK, then goes to a black screen??

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I was trying to migrate a Windows SBS 2008 server to new hardware - used backup software to create a .VHD, then attached it to Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012.  The VM ran well for a few boots, then after the last restart nothing will boot to anything but a black screen.  All Safe Modes, Last known good, VGA mode, Directory Services, etc. all give the same results.  They will boot to the point of showing drivers loading or the Windows splash screen, but after that they all go black at the same point.  I have a cursor, not sure if it is "real" or not (i.e. if I would get the cursor if it were a physical machine, or it's Hyper-V planting it there) but I cannot do anything as the screen is all black and I had not set up the network card yet so I cannot remote desktop to the VM.  It appears that the VM is actually booting I am just not getting any display, as the CPU% being taken by the VM in Hyper-V is constantly changing.  Any ideas on this?
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Did you get the agent installed on the VM?  Is the shutdown command available and working?

That would indicate the VM is up and running.  Add the network card to the VM and boot.  It should take the defaults and use DHCP.  Check your DHCP server for the lease to get the IP address.  (New or by name.)

Try and remote in if you enabled remote desktop before it acted up.
I’m not at my hyper-v installation until Monday but I may be able to come up with other ideas.
Not sure if you can remove the video card from the VM.   Boot, shutdown, add the video card back in, boot and see what the screen does.

Just a few ideas.

Lionel MMSmall Business IT Consultant

What does Hyper-V say about the status of the VM (status, CPU usage)? Can you control it from Hyper-V reboot, shutdown, etc ?
Thanks for the suggestions, I could not make any progress with the VM so I had to reboot the original server, take a new backup, and then restore from there.  I assume the backup I was using was somehow bad, as I used the exact same process and was able to get everything working with no problem the second time around.


Fixed on my own by starting from scratch

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