Hyper-v with MS cluster failover

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Hi Experts

I have an environment where I have two windows 2008 servers running hyper-v in a cluster failover configuration. The volumes are residing are on old Storage and we have recently purchased a new one.

Question is what would be the best possible way to move the volumes from old storage to new storage without causing a havoc in cluster, these volumes have running prod VMs.

I was thinking of first introducing the new volume from the new storage into the cluster , then move the VMs onto the new volume and then remove the old volume?

Again how to do it practically with right steps or a better idea to handle it.
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I would have a similar approach to you, I do have a few questions though.
Are you running Server 2008R2? Do you have SCVMM installed?

What I would propose is to present the new storage to the cluster.
Then migrate the VM's and VM configs, any QUORUM disks to the newly provisioned Cluster Disks or CSV's. This is really easy in SCVMM, as long as the VM is shutdown for the storage move.

Can't remember off the top of my head if this option is also available within Fail-Over Clustering so you will need to take a look. (I've just started a new job and they only use clustered VMware! So I'm rebuilding my lab which I would have used to answer that question).

Failing the use of SCVMM or Fail-Over clustering to migrate the storage you will need to move this manually, reconfigure the VM settings etc whilst the VM is shutdown. Please do this one VM at a time and test as you go along, also be mindful of the VM configuration and where it is stored as this too will need to be moved.

And yes, as and when there is no services / dependencies / data on your old storage simply remove it from the cluster.

If you can, get SCVMM to manage your cluster as the process will be so much easier and also has its own PowerShell CmdLets.

All the best


  Your seenario tells  that u will use same cluster but a different storage,
  Then to my knowledge you can present the new storage to the nodes and create another cluster storage volume and turn off one vm and export one vm to the other cluster storage volume and go to the setting of the exported vm in other csv and change the vhd, snapshot settings pointing to new storage. the startup the vm.

how are you getting on with this?


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still struggle on it, can't really understand or should I say confused as what steps I should take.
Phil PearceWindows System Administrator

I had the same issue and used CSVs to resolve


Hi Pilly

Could you shed some light on using CSVs

the VMs are moved to new storage but now I need to know that steps to remove the storage volume from the cluster.
Phil PearceWindows System Administrator

Sorry for delay.
I'm not at work ATM. Will reply in a few hours
Windows System Administrator
To remove from the cluster, I opened the Failover cluster Manager, Clicked Storage.

Clicked on the right volume then "remove from" this removed it from the cluster.

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